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UFrog’s story came up on a sailboat.

Meg, an experienced sailor, was missing the proper footwear for the regattas she participated in and those she wore left her with cold, wet, feet and with the possibility of slipping and falling.

Determined to find a good alternative, to practice the sport she participated in, she searched several specialized stores across the four continents of the world, but found nothing that offered safety, comfort and practicality.

2011 brought an insight.

Making her own line of special shoes for water sports and any other everyday situation.

A chemical engineer helped develop a special sole inspired by rain tires, which prevent accidents and ensure greater grip on smooth and wet floors.

To cover feet and keep them warm, and protected, he used neoprene (a rubber resembling synthetic polymer) and perforated neoprene for days.

That was how uFrog and uFrog Air were born. A special shoe that you can wear whenever you want to feel the sensation of walking barefoot safely.

This is uFrog, a company full of new ideas.


uFrog, you barefoot.

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