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Puket Brand

PUKET was born in 1988 from the brothers Adolfo and Claudio Bobrow’s dream of bringing irreverence and joy to traditional white socks. Part of a family with more than 70 years of tradition in the textile industry, the brothers bet on a lot of color, incredible prints and good humor to establish a recognized brand.

That was when, Adolfo remembered a wonderful and unforgettable trip he had made to a beautiful, charming, fun island, where everything worked perfectly and where he had lived a joyful and charming experience: the island PHUKET, located on the paradisiacal coast of Malaysia. Thus came the name of the new brand.

Unlike anything on the market, PUKET socks brought much more than comfort to your feet. They had vibrant colors, unusual designs, a young and happy spirit. 
Soon people realized that when taking PUKET home, they also brought the joy and relaxation that stamped the product.

PUKET has become a reference in products that unite families, connect mothers and children and entertain friends, with a mix of unique identity products, created to be remembered and desired for their colors, their design and their cheerful and fun spirit!

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