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1. Lycra (dye tie print)

2. Fisioflex insole

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2WAY is very practical! The only footwear to wear indoors and out, with non-slip lycra that protects your little one indoors. It is light, comfortable, flexible and easy to wear and clean. 1 shoe, 2 functions! 2WAY is non-slip lycra to wear indoors and a sneaker with fun prints to rock it wherever you go!

More than shoes, we make kids free to be what they are, naturally.

This is what Bibi was born for: to let kids be kids.

The 1st Physiological footwear

In order to create the perfect footwear for children, Bibi carried out scientific studies along with doctors and experts. The outcome is the Fisioflex technology, Bibi’s exclusive and unique concept, which offers the sensation of walking barefoot.

The Fisioflex concept has been approved by the Brazilian Association of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot and Ankle.

Bibi’s quest for creating the perfect footwear has always led us towards the improvement of our products.
We wish children could take their first steps with more safety, care and love. We know what the little feet need and that’s why we work with technologies that allow them to grow free.


Bibi, along with IBTec – Brazilian Institute of Leather , Footwear and Related Products – monitors all of the raw materials used in our production, using only those in compliance with the international standards for toxic substances, in order to guarantee the healthy development of the little feet.

That’s why Bibi only produces shoes with maximum quality and free of toxic substances!




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